Interior Limestone Masterpieces

Limestone is quarried from locations around the globe, leading to many different varieties of colors, densities and porosities. Regardless of origin, limestone generally features soft earth tones, and may contain variegated streaks or speckles.

Because limestone is a softer stone, it usually stays out of the kitchen and is used most frequently in fireplaces and other less strenuous conditions. Limestones from France, Portugal and other countries tend to be more porous than other varieties, and are often used for flooring, backsplashes and a multitude of outdoor applications. The limestone from countries such as the U.S. and Israel is generally heavier than and nearly as dense as granite, which makes it suitable for almost every application.

This natural stone is used most frequently in higher-end homes, architectural designs and commercial applications as it is easy to work with, the colors are muted compared to granites, it is available in as many finishes and textures as granite and its use is still relatively novel in the market.

Limestone kitchen

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